Policies and FAQs

✔ALL SALES ARE FINAL - Your item is made to order, therefore we are unable to offer refunds or exchanges.

It is unlikely that your item will arrive damaged, but in the event, please contact us for a replacement. A photograph of the package/decal may be requested. We are not responsible for any damage done during the application process.

Custom Decalz does not guarantee that our decals will adhere to your surface. We use professional grade vinyl that is safe on MOST surfaces without damage when removing the application. Lightly textured walls, matte/eggshell/satin finishes are ideal for wall decals. Always make sure your wall is clean and dry before application. Follow the provided instructions. We are not responsible for any damages done to your surface at any time.

It is not recommended to use your decal on:
- heavily textured walls
- wood paneling
- freshly painted walls
- canvas
- high gloss painted walls
- cracked/peeling walls
- rubberized or silicone material

If you are unsure whether our decals will work with your surface, we will be happy to mail you a complimentary test decal.

To remove your decal, peel up the decal from one edge and SLOWLY pull away from the wall. Doing this too quickly can result in residue left on the wall and sometimes even damage to your surface. If you are having trouble removing the decal, use a hair dryer on warm setting, hold approximately 3 inches from decal and hold for 30 seconds to soften the vinyl. Follow instructions above. If there is any residue left, use a wet, warm cloth and rubbing alcohol to remove the residue.

***You may notice that the edges of the transfer tape will peel. This is normal, and will not affect the use of your decal as long as you don't expose the actual adhesive of the decal to a material which will affect the adhesion. Transfer tape is meant to assist in your decal application shortly after being applied. If you do not intend to use your decals immediately, make sure you keep them in a place where they can lay flat, and out of the way of particles which can ruin the adhesive glue.***

For custom orders, please contact us with the details you wish to have to receive a quote for your order. No orders will be processed until payment is received. All customers will receive an image of the finished product to ensure your satisfaction before shipping.

For additional questions, please contact sales@customdecalz.com